Working on landscapes

Just like the folks who have helped me in the woodshop all these years, the people on our landscape team make it all possible.  The physical work is intense, demanding and draining, and each worker has contributed more than I can thank them for.  The mental effort is no less grueling, as each individual must grasp technical constraints while still considering the aesthetics of the work.

Ron, of course, is a genius leaning on a rake.  Anything can be accomplished as long as he is “crystal clear” about what that anything is.  Kevin, the go-to guy on the team, is calm, cool and careful; running the crews while Ron and I think of fun new things to do.  Kevin Baker, who brings his own crew of skilled masons to construct much of our hardscape design, is more fun to work with than a barrel of… Well, he laughs a lot.  His stonework has always enhanced our efforts.

All the other guys and gals do the down-and-dirty, tough work that makes our DEEzines come alive.  Here you see some snapshots of us at “work”, as well as a few photos illustrating the process and results.