Landscape details

This collection of photos is presented for those of us who like to look a bit closer, or want to pull things from context for inspiration. How beautiful is the honeysuckle blossom when wet? Is there anything more eye-popping than a spruce cone, all purple and erect, as it stands at attention on the branch in early spring? That same tree seen from afar, at the end of a wall, in cloak of fog, alone in a field, makes you think that it just might move. Even a stone step, shot close up, and truncated, allows the eye some freedom to dwell, to think texture and shape. Look, see, feel. There’s more than just the big picture.

 az_thumb access_thumb beech_thumb blossom_thumb boulder_thumb birdie_thumb autumn_thumb calend_thumb ced_thumb spruce_thumb stop_thumb texture_thumb whiteoak_thumb color_thumb charred_thumb collect_thumb cones_thumb coping_thumb crutch_thumb deck_thumb deliver_thumb dock_thumb dog_thumb drainage_thumb emerge_thumb needle_thumb repro_thumb stew_thumb sto_thumb entrance_thumb ex_thumb fall_thumb fence_thumb ferns_thumb flank_thumb gate_thumb green_thumb grwhite_thumb gunite_thumb hay_thumb hinge_thumb hole_thumb hosta_thumb house_thumb gravel_thumb latch_thumb leaves_thumb mountain_thumb hostas_thumb inter_thumb instead_thumb jade_thumb karria_thumb larch_thumb kerria2_thumb lean_thumb mixedborder_thumb lilac_thumb mossstone_thumb moss_thumb hot_thumb just_thumb column_thumb glory_thumb naturalized_thumb mulberry_thumb peach_thumb petal_thumb paper_thumb pine2_thumb pines_thumb pollen_thumb rain_thumboak_thumb1 pine_thumb redw_thumbred_thumb road_thumb rough_thumb arrow_thumb beam_thumb bird_thumb burned_thumb shower_thumb small_thumb smoke_thumb spillway_thumb shower1_thumb spiral_thumb spring_thumb stones_thumb newmap_thumb nolawn_thumb pale_thumb office_thumb drip_thumb early_thumb wall2_thumb vine_thumb static_thumb thyme_thumb trellis_thumb tub_thumb thorn_thumb trail_thumb wall_thumb1 vas_thumb vib_thumb wave_thumb white_thumb path_thumb flanked_thumb brace_thumb passage_thumb
 wet_thumb pavers_thumb