Furniture details

Details…….These are here just for fun. I often find details more interesting than the whole. Out of context details can generate completely new ideas, and the close-up, deconstructed views give focus to the woods, joinery and shapes. Each image here is labeled with its wood type, so that you may note the different colors and textures inherent in each species. The selective views of joinery highlight the essential engineering specific to wood construction, and the shapes singled out form a vocabulary with which new designs are developed. It’s always valuable to look closely in order to really understand.

 dark-hardwood_thumb osage-orange_thumb tulip-poplar-cabinet_thumb
cherry-low-table-detail_thumbpadauk-joinery_thumb red8_thumb eng1_thumb red12_thumb white-oak-tabletop_thumboak-and-walnut-bench_thumb
padauk-surface_thumb curly-white-oak white-oak-joinery_thumbideas-wall_thumb american-elm  claro-walnut  redwood-burl  south-florida-mahogany-and-dali  sycamore-cutting-board  claro-and-black-walnut  cypress-and-walnut  ohio-buckeye  red-oak  south-florida-mahogany-and-birdseye-maple  sugar-maple-and-cherry  walnut-knots  wal4_thumb cherwal2_thumb maples  redjam_thumb maple16_thumb white18_thumb ash1_thumb elm7_thumb jun2_thumb buckeye_thumb mahoe3_thumb maple9_thumb red9_thumb syc3_thumb wal5_thumb oaks2_thumb white2_thumb red8_thumb maple18_thumb wal9_thumb maple17_thumb wal8_thumb cherry1_thumb ash2_thumb white11_thumb eng2_thumb cyp1_thumb leath_thumb maple10_thumb mahoe4_thumb pink_thumb tam_thumb redwood1_thumb white12_thumb wal6_thumb white2_thumb ash3_thumb cyp2_thumb cherry2_thumb eng3_thumb leatherwood_thumb maple1_thumb red1_thumb redwood2_thumb white3_thumb wal7_thumb maple11_thumb white-eb_thumb tulip1_thumb maple19_thumb walyew2_thumb white13_thumb cyp3_thumb ash4_thumb cherry3_thumb euc_thumb maple2_thumb lichen_thumb maple12_thumb redwood3_thumb red2_thumb tulip2_thumb hem_thumb waleb_thumb white4_thumb ash9_thumb white14_thumb maple20_thumb maple21_thumb maple3_thumb elm1_thumb maple13_thumb tulip3_thumb cherry4_thumb red3_thumb walred_thumb mac_thumb white5_thumb redwood4_thumb ash6_thumb elm2_thumb cherry5_thumb hon1_thumb maple4_thumb mac2_thumb maple14_thumb redwood5_thumb red4_thumb tulip4_thumb white6_thumb elm3_thumb walred1_thumb ash7_thumb white16_thumb red10_thumb white15_thumb brash_thumb cherry6_thumb hon2_thumb maple5_thumb mac3_thumb maple15_thumb redwood6_thumb red5_thumb wal1_thumb white7_thumb ash8_thumb walred2_thumb cherry7_thumb red11_thumb butsyc_thumb white17_thumb ash10_thumb elm4_thumb myrt_thumb mad_thumb hon3_thumb maple6_thumb wal2_thumb walred3_thumb red6_thumb cherry8_thumb white8_thumb elm5_thumb honash_thumb birch1_thumb mahoe1_thumb myrt2_thumb maple7_thumb wal3_thumb walred4_thumb red7_thumb syc 1_thumb cherwal1_thumb birch2_thumb white9_thumb jun_thumb elm6_thumb maple8_thumb mahoe2_thumb oaks_thumb syc2_thumb walyew1_thumb white10_thumb ash5_thumb red8_thumb
 eng1_thumb red12_thumb