Drawings are an invaluable tool in our landscape and interior design projects, helping our clients visualize the ideas being discussed. I scratched out a few of the drawings presented here, but the vast majority were created by my very talented assistant, Junya Mikami. He and I have been thinking and creating together for at least a decade, and his drawing skills have been very helpful in putting to paper ideas that few can imagine.

 classic_thumb drive_thumb tree6_thumb bristol_thumb court_thumb liz_thumb fence_thumb cabin_thumb pit5_thumb
 grade_thumb front_thumb oste_thumb
 steps2_thumb pet_thumb tree7_thumb levels_thumb pool_thumb pit_thumb tree5_thumb view2_thumb kitch2_thumb pit2_thumb oste2_thumb paul_thumb steps_thumb tree3_thumb planting_thumb kitch_thumb pond_thumb pit3_thumb stowe_thumb tree1_thumb tennis_thumb paul2_thumb tree8_thumb view_thumb pit4_thumb terrace_thumb kitch3_thumb tree4_thumb stowe2_thumb sidewalk_thumb